If you haven’t heard, there’s recent studies showing an increased interest in ganja in the gym … and beyond! With natural benefits to assist with staying in the zone, enhanced mind/body/spirit connection, muscle strain and recovery, it’s not necessarily a secret but it’s definitely getting more chatter.  The calming properties provided with CBD with the energy produced with a Sativa, the hybrid produced is laying the pathway down for a whole new category of “Supplement”.

Hiking, Cycling, Resistance Training, Golf, Skiing/Snowboarding, Yoga, Weight lifting, Walking/Running and more, just to name a few of the physical activities most commonly reported as being Canna-Friendly!  So the question is, what’s your relationship with Fitness and Cannabis?

As more and more studies become available on the benefits of THC/CBD products and their potential benefits in regards to athletics, more folks, amateurs and pros alike, are turning to them as part of their training regimen.  No one is expecting to strut into the weight room puffing on a J(…yet), but there may soon be a few extra options at the smoothie bar for protein and THC/CBD scoops.

  • May boost metabolism: Sure the stereotype is to get stoned and mug a bag of chips while washing it down with a 2 liter of Pepsi… But that may not be the whole story.  Some of that perception is warranted due to a proven increase in appetite (which has notable benefits for those suffering from various conditions and side-effects), however some studies have shown cannabis users to generally have better carbohydrate metabolism and are in general, less obese than non-users.  Additionally, users also tend to have lower fasting insulin levels and a better insulin response.
  • May reduce exercise related pain and aid in recovery: Cannabis won’t necessarily eliminate pain, it may dull it enough to work through it. If you’ve jumped right into your New Year resolution of improved fitness and health, you’re holi-dazed body will probably push back a bit.  Rather than downing a handful of ibuprofen, some folks are turning to THC/CBD to address that post-workout lactic acid build up, causing the infamous “I think I pulled something…” feeling.  You know the one that made you quickly question that resolution… But Stay with it, Friend!  To match your new “natural/health focused You”, find yourself a little bit of plant medicine to relieve those aches and pains.  Pro-Tip: Drops a dose of CBD as part of your pre-workout regimen… Proactively ward off some of that soreness before it starts!
  • May help keep your goals in focus: We’ve all heard of a “Runner’s High” and research is showing there’s a link to that splendid effect and our own endocannabinoid system (Cannabis – EndoCannabinoid…Hmmmmm). The bliss that comes with that physical push may be available a little sooner.  Thanks to a handful of available strains with or without a CBD bump (a good THC – CBD ratio), athletes are able to zone in to their workout of choice a bit faster and a bit longer.  The focus results from the calming effect produced commonly by CBD + the uplifting sensation of the THC portion.  A good 1:1 (THC:CBD) ration is generally the reco.
  • Enjoy your work(out): How many times have you thought to yourself “Ugh….I HAVE to go workout.”?? For many it always seems to be an obligation rather than a reward! Akin to attending a distant cousin’s wedding on the other side of the state or going to the DMV after a long holiday weekend. You usually just don’t want to and will find various reason to not. What if you knew it would be productive, energy producing, and maybe even fun? Many workout warriors, virgin and experienced, are finding that a micro dose may just be the ticket to burning those muscles into submission with a smile.  To be clear, the goal isn’t to get zombied and sweat it out. The benefit here is to allow yourself to overcome the mental hurdles and simply finish the race. Pain and Gain may just turn over to Lifting and Laughs!
  • Enhance Body Awareness: Dull the pain, quiet the mental noise, reduce the anxiety, and focus on 1 thing: Yourself.  When you’re able to calm your inner-storm and allow yourself to focus inward, some say you can find a new level of strength.  Focus on upper body motion, or perhaps it’s Leg day, the more you can ignore the “I Can’t” that creeps in, the harder your body CAN work.

Now, How you intake your cannabis primer is your call.  If you’re planning ahead and prefer edibles or an infused beverage, that may be your jam (if you need to travel to the gym…keep transportation in mind!). If your preference is a pull from a J, pre-roll, or cart, then you can keep your prep and training timeframe a bit more tight, due to the effects hitting a bit hastier than an edible that needs to digest.

To learn more about what may be the best form or product for your fitness journey, stop into any TCH (The Cake House) store throughout Southern California or Southwest Michigan, to chat up your goals with any one of our friendly and knowledgeable Bud Tenders!

We look forward to seeing you soon!  “It’s 2023, and a Whole New ME!”


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