Oils & Topicals

Topicals are perfect for so many things such as local pain management, enhanced sexual pleasure, treating skin irritations, making your skin have a glowing youthful look, and more! The Cake House has a nice assortment of topicals for your needs. If you are dealing with pain, you should consider trying our muscle freeze topical. If you have aches and pains across the whole body, we highly recommend choosing one of our bath bombs which not only take the pain away, but they leave your skin feeling supple and soft. If you are looking to enjoy yourself more in the bedroom, you must try our intimacy oils. These oils deliver THC and CBD to the pleasure areas of the body stimulating greater blood flow and giving you stronger and more frequent orgasms.

Topical Cannabis for Relief

Vapes are becoming all the rage these days for good reason. Vapes provide you with numerous benefits when enjoying cannabis such as discreet medicating, low risk of inhaling carcinogens, greater amounts of THC being converted to vapor compared to smoking, and more! The Cake House has a massive selection of vapes with half gram and full gram carts for your convenience. We also have disposable vapes which are very easy to use and we have a remarkable selection of Hybrids, Sativas, and Indicas brought to you by some of the best cannabis brands!

Try a Topical from The Cake House

If you are looking for topicals or vapes, make sure to check our online menu today! You can place an online order and come in for in-store pickup.