Carrots Wings Honey Turkey Rainbow Butter
- Originally published in Fat Nugs Magazine Vol.12 February is all about love for our family, friends, food, our favorite plant, and ourselves. The couchlock will be very real after experiencing the effects of eating these infused carrots as the sun goes down. I appreciate the relaxed state of my body after a full day of kitchen prep. Eating our meds in the evening helps us relax from life's stresses of being working parents of six, PTSD from systemic and generational racism, and to have an ... [Read More]

Cannabis Harvest Farmers Ball Event Harvest Ball
- The Emerald Cup hosts the Harvest Ball in Santa Rosa , California each year. The event is to put a celebratory cap on the end of a busy harvest and cultivation season and kick off the start of spring's annual cannabis competition. Farmers and cannabis brands from all over the Golden State join to celebrate the bountiful crops and cultivars meticulously cultivated this season. However, among the handful of other cannabis events I've gotten to recently experience, this two-day event ... [Read More]

Topicals Day Honey Cbd Time Valentine's
- Elevate Your Valentine's Day Experience With These Topical Cannabis Products It's nearly Valentine's Day and it's time to get handsy. Whether you're celebrating self-love or the love of a partner, V-day invites us all to slow down, relax, and make ourselves feel good. How good? That's up to you!  Why Topicals are Perfect for Valentine's Day As far as cannabis products go, topicals are underappreciated. These versatile and often aromatic products don't get you high, but activate the ... [Read More]

Plant Cannabis Plants Research United States Cannabaceae
- Japanese hops ( Humulus japonicus ) are annual herbaceous vines loaded with broad leaves that look like an Indica plant. This species of Humulus is unlike any Hop a brewery would be familiar with; this plant can quickly grow up to 35 feet in a single growing season while twisting and climbing into both structures and vegetation surrounding it, all the while looking like one colossal Cannabis plant. However, one should exercise caution with foliage we are unfamiliar with, even if it seems like ... [Read More]

Nina Paris Weed Family Flight Wedding
- Ahhhhh…. The T-Break, AKA the tolerance break : A topic that's pervasive in both the medical and recreational cannabis space these days. No matter what your thoughts - whether you are a cheerleader or chastiser, a willing participant, or in my case, had the T-break foisted upon you, this is not a diatribe on the pros and cons of taking a tolerance break. It is a journey into the unwanted absence of my love, cannabis, in the city of love itself. Have you ever traveled with cannabis? More ... [Read More]

Herban Bud Herban Bud's Thc Products Delta Vape
- Reviewed By FNM Contributor Varsha Hyland When the editors at Fat Nugs Magazine asked for a review of Herban Bud's products, I was intrigued. I've tried THC and CBD, but this review was my first foray into hydrogenated and derivative cannabinoid products. The products I received from Herban Bud included THCa flower and concentrate, as well as a disposable vape containing an oil blend consisting of an HHC base. The "Euphoria" vape contained THCp, followed by some THC-O, just enough THCjd, and a ... [Read More]

Data Pos Datasets Cannabis Brands Product Consumers
- Co-authored by Lara Fordis, M.A. and Tymofey Wowk, Ph.D. Data, data, data. It's all around us, we all know about it, but why is it important, especially for the burgeoning cannabis industry? And, who are the "invisible shoppers™" in cannabis?  There are major benefits to using data to give companies a competitive advantage across all vertical industries. These include informed and improved decision making, more effective marketing, better and personalized customer experience, ... [Read More]

Dr Merl Time Cannabis Fluxflower Hellip Dematerialization
- Chapter 1: Invito While working in his laboratory on an analysis of Protostone Technology's Novel Fluxflower - a revolutionary type of experimental hybrid cannabis, not the everyday cultivar, but a strain of super-potent cannabis grown to heal and restore vision to the blind, a mild-mannered and socially anxious scientist harnessed genetics that somehow became mystically infused with ethereal properties. Then something even more extraordinary actualized. As the legend goes, in the year 2070, ... [Read More]

Cannabis System Ecs Molecules Munchies Plant
- Written By Riley D. Kirk, PH.D. The holidays can be a wonderful time to catch up with family and old friends and of course, stuff our faces with all the amazing home cooked foods. Before indulging in the savory food, many of us go for a pre-meal 'walk' to prepare our bodies for the feast. Lighting up a joint or indulging in other cannabis products before the big meal may give you the classic " munchies ," which can make everything taste even better while accentuating the obscure combinations of ... [Read More]

Tsp Meatballs Frac12 Tbsp Ground Butter
- Originally published in Fat Nugs Magazine Vol.11 Tis' the season! Fresh outdoor is abundant and we are all looking for that perfect "POT-luck" dish! I am very fortunate to come from a little mountain community known for over 50 years of guerilla gardening. Since it's no longer necessary to hide in the hills, most of the community enjoys their six-plant allowance in their backyards amongst their vegetable gardens and fresh flowers. On a recent trip back home, my neighbor gifted me some of his ... [Read More]

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