Let’s Joint Together! A brief history of the Joint.

Let’s Joint Together! A brief history of the Joint.

It’s no secret that in so many parts of the world the more connected we become, the more we seem to be getting further apart.  Throughout history, it’s generally been some level of traumatic or significant event that has influenced a coming together of various communities. Why wait until the uncontrollable happens. May we suggest, what the world REALLY needs now, more than anything… Is to Joint together!

Let’s take a look back. We know cannabis use has been floating around in the history books for centuries. Whether it be hemp crops, religious ceremonial use, medicinal or recreational, it’s been a known element in nearly all cultures around the world. The majority of the earliest recordings typically refer to a pipe in terms of the method of consumption (when smoking that is..). The first recorded use of the term “joint” is believed to be around 1850 in Mexico. A pharmacist at the University of Guadalajara found that workers in the fields were mixing marijuana with tobacco in their cigarettes (AKA: Spliffs). The translation to the reference of mixing the 2 came across as joint.

Another theory is that the term joint originated from jazz musicians in the 1930s and 1940s. During that era, marijuana use was prevalent among jazz musicians, and they would often gather in smoky clubs to perform and socialize. It’s thought that they referred to their cannabis cigarettes as joints because the communal act of passing the cigarette around resembled the joint efforts and improvisation of playing music together. In the 1920s, prohibition of alcohol increased cannabis consumption. Speakeasies were places where people would gather to drink whiskey and listen to jazz. With the increasing popularity of jazz, musicians began touring the country and bringing “jazz cigarettes” along with them. Due to the legal status of weed being Very different then, smoking weed in public was accepted which helped spread the use of joints as a term.
In the 1960s, after marijuana was made illegal, the “hippie” culture took the joint to a whole new level to make it the staple it is today. They created jewelry and accessories to disguise clips and other paraphernalia; so only fellow Tokers would know their smoking habits.

If we take cannabis out of the conversation (for just a moment… we’ll bring it right back!), the term joint we’re all familiar with reefers to (see what we did there…) a connector between two things, generally to allow for direction change or flexibility. Imagine your body without joints… You’d be more stiff and rigid than the current congressional House holding back any form of legalization! No change in direction, no recognizable flexibility, just a straight highway with no exits.
Today, the joint has shifted into a whole new phase. It’s almost reached of level of “OG” status in lingo and practice. With the popularity and convenience of pre-rolls and the always expanding array of options for consumption, those who “roll their own” are becoming fewer and fewer. Flower is still king, make no mistake. The variety available to consumers coming into dispensaries can be overwhelming at times. It’s a prime reason to come talk with a Budtender who knows what direction to send you! Back to the highway concept, a good Budtender will happily be your guide to reach your destination of choice. They know the product intimately, whether by personal consumption and/or education directly from the cultivators. It’s no longer from “a buddy whose neighbor knows a guy up in the hills that’s been growing for decades.”
Whether the term came from “joining” cannabis and another substance together, or from the act of lighting up and sharing your herb, in a way of “joining with people”, the end result is the same… Togetherness. Puff Puff Pass, Pass the Dutchie, Sharing is Caring, all terms originated around sharing the goodness of cannabis. It’s inherently about togetherness and spreading the joy to others.

In a time of much separation (despite being so “connected”), perhaps we all could use a good reason to simplify things a bit and look at life through those rose colored glasses again. Give yourself a break, perhaps a different kind of smoke-break!

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Let’s all Joint Together!


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