One of the best ways to find quick relief or relaxation is to go for a cannabis tincture! The Cake House has a wide variety of tinctures with THC, CBD, and full spectrum products! Tinctures can be used every day and are great for stress, anxiety, meditation, restlessness, energy boosts, and more! The best way to enjoy a cannabis tincture is to spray or add a few drops under your tongue or hold the medicine in between your cheeks for a couple of minutes. It’s always a good idea to brush your teeth ahead of time for greater blood circulation in the mouth allowing for a quicker onset! You’ll typically feel the effects starting in roughly 15 minutes and you’ll peak after an hour or so.

Our Tinctures are Treats

The Cake House has tinctures available in some of the most reputable cannabis brands such as Kan-Ade, Papa & Barkley, Yummi Karma, and more! We have extra-strength products with up to 1000mg THC, mouth sprays, edible mixers, and more!

Cannabis Tinctures from The Cake House

Don’t hesitate to have a look at our online menu and you can place an online order. We also have in-store pick up, so it’s extra easy to get the cannabis products you are looking for through The Cake House. We always have specials going on too, so don’t hesitate to ask about our sales and have all your questions answered.