There is a great deal to learn when it comes to cannabis including the history of this plant, the two main types of cannabis, what it’s used for, different cannabinoids like CBD, and more. The main types of cannabis are Sativa and Indica. Sativa plants are tall with long narrow leaves, generally grown outdoors, and are known for the energetic high that you feel when you partake. Indica plants are short and bushy, ideal for indoor our outdoor growth since the flowering period is much shorter compared to Sativa plants. Indica plants typically gives you a body buzz and a more relaxing high compared to Sativa plants. Then there are Hybrids which are a mix of the two and give you the best of both worlds. There are numerous factors involved however, such as the other cannabinoids present in different strains and the terpenes which provide the smells and the flavors you experience.

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After a long day, you probably just want to kick back and relax. With our huge selection of cannabis products, the only challenge is going to be picking your favorite strain. Whether you’re into edibles, flower, or dabs, The Cake House has you covered.

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